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A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával, a Kohéziós Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.

Metro line 4 Dél-Buda - Rákospalota

Metro line 4 in Budapest will be an attractive and safe transport means for the travelling public. Thanks to the services enabled by metro facilities and installations it will be suitable for fulfilling the assigned transport duties.

The first section between Kelenföldi pu. and Bosnyák tér meets each of the following basic requirements:

  • compliance with passengers' demands
  • provision of quality service by reducing the travel times, and ensuring comfortable, safe and reliable travel
  • efficient operation ensured by modern equipment

The section of 7.3 km between Kelenföldi pu. and Keleti pu. will be a deep section. The running tunnels will run near, mostly in parallel to each other, they will be independent from one another and will have a circular cross section. 10 stations will be constructed on the first section of Metro 4, mostly by diaphragm wall technology and box station design.

Stations of the first section:

Stations of the second section

  • Dózsa György út
  • Hungária körút
  • Róna utca
  • Bosnyák tér

Stations of the third section

  • Madárhegy
  • Gazdagrét

Horizontal alignment of the line

Following a straight section after the Kelenföldi pu terminal, the line arrives at Tétényi t station with a left curve. Next to this curve there is another straight section then again a left curve leads to under Fehérvári út, then it arrives to Bocskai út station. This is the biggest distance between two stations, i.e. 1,470 m. Bocskai út station was designed to later have the possibility to construct a branch line towards Budafok. Upto the next station, Móricz Zsigmond körtér, the line alignment comprises large-radius reverse curves, then again similar reverse curves before reaching Gellért tér station. The crossing under the Danube is in a straight section, then the first station on the Pest side is Fővám tér. This is the smallest distance between two successive stations, namely 378 meters. At the Kálvin tér side of the station a one-track reversing structure will be installed, which, in addition to reversing, is also suitable for providing connection to the already operating lines.

Next to Fővám tér station the tunnel will reach Kálvin tér in a right curve. At this station an engineering structure enabling direct connection to Line 3 will be constructed as well. The line will continue with a straight section intersecting Metro 3 line from above, then with a right curve will reach Rákóczi tér station. After the station a straight section follows to reach Népszínház utca station. Following this station, the line will continue in right curves and over the tunnels of Metro 2 line reaching the north-east terminal, Keleti pu. Reversing tracks will be constructed under Thököly út, which will serve as main operating tracks once the line is extended towards Bosnyák tér.

Vertical alignment of the line

As mentioned before, the entire line will have deep alignment. This is justified by several factors, thus, crossing under the Danube, high building density in urban areas, crossing under the MÁV railway station at Kelenföld, as well as the construction of direct connecting tunnels to already operating Metro lines.

Vertical alignment of the deep running tunnels consists of the succession of various gradients. There is no horizontal running section. The smallest gradient on the line is 3.0‰, the highest is 36.3‰, respectively. The deepest point of the line is at Szent Gellért tér (73.75 m above see level), and the highest point is at Kelenföldi pályaudvar (96.27 m).

The section can be further developed later in three directions: :
  • From Kelenföldi pu. -via Gazdagrét - to Budaörs,
  • From Bosnyák tér to Rákospalota,
  • Branching from Bocskai út station - via Fehérvári út - towards Budafok centre.