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In connection with the surface works of the metro project until now mostly closures and traffic restrictions may have been heard of. From now on, however, more and more associated surface projects will be completed, and respectively where it is possible – despite of the extended tunneling works, simultaneously with the progress of station building works – the narrowing down of the work sites may commence. In the frame of the associated surface projects of metro 4 the reconstruction of the tram track on Kiskörút ended in December 2008, and by the middle of October 2009 the rehabilitation of the Vámház Boulevard is completed, a new traffic lane could be opened at Kálvin Square and the motorists and cyclist may drive on both sides of the partially renewed Múzeum Boulevard again.

Albeit the tunneling is delayed, which will evidently be influential to almost all work phases that build over it, station building works are progressing with a good pace, thus it can be on the news more and more times that the metro builders handed back a renewed, embellished public area to the residents of Budapest. The areas of the station building works, subject to the location, will remain work sites by the end of 2010, the middle of 2011, however, this does not mean that changes will not occur. As the project progresses, so the metro builders will try to narrow the work sites, thereby to make the days of those living around the construction more livable.

By October 2009 the Vámház Boulevard received a final pavement, the major public lightings are installed, and respectively the sidewalk construction is continuous also, the end of which is expected in the spring of 2010. The work site was narrowed at Kálvin Square, the station construction can proceed also, and as of the end of October motorists arriving from the Szabadság Bridge may use another traffic lane through the square. Parallel to all these - although there will still be works – the pavement of the Múzeum Boulevard is also completed up to the binding course, thus for a longer period motorist and cyclists may take over it again as per the final traffic order.