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Fõvám Square underpass

At the end of October 2009 residents of Budapest could take over the pedestrian underpass at Fõvám Square, which was built in one and a half years in the frame of the surface projects associated with metro 4. The spacious and modern underpass, which also includes the new stop of tram No 2, was handed over for the passengers by Gábor Demszky, the Mayor of Budapest and Gusztáv Klados, the Project Director of DBR.

Surface projects associated with the metro construction are about 15% of the overall project. One of the most important element of these is the total reconstruction of the whole Kiskörút, which was realized in the frame of two major contracts, from a total of 12 milliard Forints. Among others the contracts include the renovation of the line of tram No 47 and 49, rehabilitation of roads and traffic islands, realization of public lighting, landscaping of squares and parks, reconstruction of a significant line section of tram No 2, and the pedestrian underpass at Fõvám Square, as well.

From the end of October 2009 the No 2 quay tram can travel over the full line again, the 6 km track of which has been renewed over a length of 440 m together with the BKV track rehabilitation works, from nearly 700 million Forints. This tram is probably the most popular rail transportation mean of Budapest, as it goes all along the River Danube, which provides a beautiful scenery, and passes by several famous sights of the city, such as the Parliament, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Vigado, and the Danube Corso. As a result of the good progress of the metro project the line may be used again in full length.

Simultaneously with the restarting of the traffic, the city residents may use the pedestrian underpass at Fõvám Square also, construction works of which commenced in March 2008. The structure with a floor area of more than 1,000 m2, with service premises 1,200 m2, built from 1.7 milliard Forints ensures the pedestrian link between the surface streets, the university, the platform of tram No 2, and the future exit of metro 4. The tram is connecting to the underpass area at the west side, while the metro at the south side. In overall 4 stairways, 2 escalators and 2 elevators will provide – in the latter case especially to the elderly people and persons with disabilities – comfort of the city residents.