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Fehérvári Road playground

2009 szeptember 17-én adták át a metróépítõk a XI. kerületi gyerekeknek azt a modern játszóteret, amely a 4-es metró építéséhez kapcsolódó felszíni beruházások keretében öltözött új köntösbe. On the event Imre Lakos, chairman of the Committee of Urban and Environmental Management of Budapest, Gyula Molnár, mayor of Újbuda, and Gusztáv Klados, project director of DBR were also present. The construction of metro 4 has arrived to an important milestone in September 2009: albeit the tunnel construction is well in process at the Pest side, it is time that the metro builders began to hand back the completed final surface areas to the residents. In relation to the Bocskai road station of metro 4, construction of the vent tunnel beneath the junction of Fehérvári road and Kanizsai Street is finished. Since at the surface the work site would no longer be needed, by today at its old place a completely new and modern playground could be built, which is in full compliance with EU norms.

To the area of nearly 2,500 m2 the most modern equipment was installed, from now the kids of Újbuda may spend their free time here with their parents with the feeling of the "treasure island". Designers endeavored to conjure up the atmosphere with beach, palm trees and jungle items. The playground may be used by more age-groups, as it will provide recreational opportunities for 1 to 3 and 4 to 12 year-olds, as well. The project was completed from nearly 40 million Forints, which is part of the metro 4 budget.