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Baross tér

Construction of the Metro 4 Line commenced between 2002 and 2004 with the rehabilitation of Bartók Béla and Fehérvári út, and construction of underpasses at Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Bocskai út.

This year works are progressing on the Pest side at Baross tér. The parking lot at Kerepesi út beside Keleti railway station was closed due to the construction works. Here a new station exit will be constructed connecting to the existing station of the Metro 2 Line, and to the surface in the area of the parking lot.


The new station exit is needed to meet the significantly increasing traffic demand int he future since firstly in addition to the current passenger numbers transported by the Metro 2 Line, 600,000 passengers will use the new metro line daily. Out of these numbers few ten thousand passengers will change to other transport means or access their destination using this exit. Secondly the new exit is built to enable closing of the currently operating exit during the construction works of the Metro 4 Line station.

Baross tér a felújítás után

Following completion of the slurry wall an app. 7 m deep pit will be excavated to provide space for the escalator and the associated operational area. The top of the Metro 2 Line tunnel will then be visible from the surface as well.

At this work stage almost 26,000 tons of reinforced concrete will be used for construction, and 37,000 m3 earth will be excavated, out of which 26,000 m3 will be transported elsewhere. This amount of earth would cover a football field app. in 5 m thickness.

New underpass

A new underpass will be constructed for the new exit, and new stairs will be built toward Festetics utca. For the construction of the new underpass and its exits

10,000 m3 concrete and 700 tons of steel will be used.