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A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával, a Kohéziós Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.



4 september 2015



Drivers will able to park their cars in the parking lot at Etele tér from Monday 7 September 2015; as part of the metro project, it is behind the Volán bus station with Somogyi út elonged, and provides space for 221 cars. It is a modern, guarded and accessible parking place, the construction of which was begun in December 2014, with the contractor, KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., having won the open public procurement procedure. The investment cost HUF 171.9 million with co-financing from the European Union. The new P+R parking lot supports intermodality, the possibility of transferring between different modes of transport, in the area.

The most important objective of the Metro Line M4 project is to ease congestion in the city centre, the gradual decrease of surface road - especially car - traffic. The P+R parking lots being built as part of metro project have an important role in this, drivers coming from the environs and the outskirts of the city can park their cars here, and continue their trips by metro, tram, bus, or bicycle. In this respect, the Kelenföld Railway Station area is a particularly significant part of the town: besides the new metro station, the future bus terminal, and the two-level junction on Budaörsi út, it is here that most of the new parking spaces are being built.

Connected to the metro project, some 1500 parking places are being built in the area of the Kelenföld terminal as per the undertaking towards the European Union and under the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Budapest. The Etele tér side will have two lots: the one opening on Monday with 221 spaces and the other, in the place of the current temporary parking lot, with 247 spaces at the junction of Somogyi út and Gyergyótölgyes utca, which is planned to be completed by December 2015.

The Őrmező exit of the metro station and subway system will have a third parking lot with 485 spaces in the area adjacent to the temporary bus terminal on Péterhegyi út, where finishing works are under way, and which is expected to be opened at the end of September. These three P+R lots will be built from some HUF 670 million net.

Apart from these three, a 500-space P+R parking lot will be built also on the Őrmező side, in place of the unused railway tracks of the Kelenföld Railway Station; following the open public procurement procedures shortly closing, these works will be carried out in two phases. The first phase of the project element expected to begin in the autumn of 2015 includes the dismantling of the tracks and the rearrangement of the entire area with full utilities diversion; then follow the actual parking lot construction works, which are expected to last until the end of 2016.

The majority of the funds for the construction of these P+R parking lots is from European Union resources.

Budapest Municipality
Budapest Transport Centre (BKK)
BKV Zrt. DBR Metro Project Directorate