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A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával, a Kohéziós Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.

You can find the previous newsletters in the list below.

Newsletter October 2009

Tunnelling shields now working on pest side
We’re already over half-way…
“Next stop tétényi út” sunshine underground
Please look out, train approaching shortly!
Construction of the metro4 vehicle depot begins
M4: not only green in colour – focus on environmental protection
“I just wipe my shoes and carry on”
Metro construction through a woman’s eyes


Newsletter September 2009

Shields half-way through
"Please look out: train approaching!"
100% accessibility
Metro4 the green line
Sunshine underground


Newsletter June 2009

Drilling shields pass halfway point beneath danube
Experts hold “metro at half-way” conference
Fővám tér station already ready to receive drilling shields
Top tunnel-building experts visit budapest
Budapest metro opens its doors
Charity concert held on metro4 line


Newsletter March 2009

The TBMs are midway
Cyclopes monitor the buildings in Budapest
After a theatre performance the metro station will now house a concert
The construction of tracks may begin
Livable Budapest, Loveable Hungary, Greener Europe


Newsletter December 2008

Fate of Fővám tér station appears headed for resolution
Tunnel construction can continue as authorities' approval secured
Financial dispute resolved between DBR and BAMCO
No secrets: Press permitted to inspect metro construction up close
Head of Hungarian metro building appears on show of National Geographic Channel
Almost 2,000 people leave their handprints on metro construction in 2008


Newsletter Vol. 1. - No. 1. (June 1999)

Metro 4 is needed!
What is the alignment of the new metro line?
What has happened up to now?

(print version is available only in Hungarian)


Newsletter Vol. 1. - No. 3. (December 1999)

Metro 4 is among the best in an international comparison!
Safe metro operation
No danger for medicinal waters
Ten Squares - Ten Stations (Bocskai t; Mricz Zsigmond krtr)
Prague: Systematic Metro Construction


Newsletter Vol. 1. - No. 2. (September 1999)

Quality and capacity
Ten squares -- ten metro stations (Kelenfldi pu.; Ttnyi t)
In Vienna development never halts

(print version is available only in Hungarian)


Newsletter Vol. 2. - No. 1. (April 2000)

Safe, Energy Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly Metro Trains
Fire Safety -Thoroughly Inspected
Environmental Protection Criteria: Fulfilled
Ten squares -- ten metro stations
Munich: Soon over 100 kilometers


Newsletter Vol. 2. - No. 3. (September 2000)

A decision waited for long time has been taken: Metro construction can start
Up-to-date methods - less discomfort
Ten Squares - Ten Stations (Npsznhz utca; Baross tr)
Stockholm: tunnels driven in rocks


Newsletter Vol. 2. - No. 2. (June 2000)

Transforming squares -- the arrangement plans are being prepared
Passenger-friendly metro line
Ten squares -- ten stations (Klvin tr; Rkczi tr)
Madrid: the most dynamic European metro construction

(print version is available only in Hungarian)


Newsletter Vol. 4. - No. 1. (April 2002)

Surface Developing

(print version is available only in Hungarian)


Newsletter Vol. 4. - No. 2. (October 2002)

Debts have been settled

(print version is available only in Hungarian)