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4 march 2014

Metro Line M4 is to start operation in the spring of 2014, which will mean another new, 21st-century level, underground link between Buda and Pest through the city centre. The aim of Budapest Municipality, Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) and BKV is to provide highest standard services to those travelling in the city. In the course of preparing, designing and constructing the new metro line of Budapest, we have complied with all requirements prescribed by law and competent authorities. Experts took measurements of noise and reverberation pollution before construction works began and during the test runs at several points, and their results proved that the noise and reverberation load of the new metro does not even approach the limits prescribed by law, including the areas where the alignment of Metro Line M4 is relatively close to the surface.

All notices submitted to the Mayor, the National Transport Authority, BKK, and BKV are individually examined, and external experts review findings. The measurements taken thus far prove that the noise load is below the limit prescribed and taken into account during design.
No doubt, the operation of the metro line has had an additional noise load in comparison with the former period, but its level does not exceed that of an average metropolitan city, and it will thus not influence the commissioning of the new metro by the competent authorities.

Beneficially, the metro line will not operate during the night after the test operation; moreover, the noise of operation will decrease after the run-in of the system.

We trust that even those disturbed by the noise of the metro operation will find compensation in the state-of-the-art mode of travel provided by Metro Line M4.

Zoltán Loppert, Chairman of BKK Board
Dávid Vitézy, BKK CEO
Dr. Gyula Várszegi, Chairman of BKV Zrt. Board of Directors
Tibor Bolla, BKV Zrt. CEO

Photo by Szabolcs Pető, DBR