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For the operation of the new line a rolling stock of low maintenance demand, optimised to reach minimum of life cycle cost (LCC), designed for app. 30 to 35 years of life will be procured, which will include up-to-date technical solutions and technologies. In respect of their main parameters, they will enable a later replacement of cars for Metro Line 2 and 3.

The length and width of the cars to be procured will be identical with the existing ones presently in operation, although the trains consisting of 4 cars will have a non-divided internal space, i.e. the passengers can walk from one car to another, thus contributing to a uniform passenger distribution, safety comfort of passengers and - in extreme situations -representing a significant advantage in emergency cases to evacuate passengers.

The light-weight structure of cars, their electric drive system with three-phase asynchronous motors comprising up-to-date high power electronic elements, the energy-saving braking system with power regeneration enable an economical design for the other systems of the line as well (power supply, ventilation etc.).

Modern Trains

Modern Trains
Modern Trains

In the design of passenger compartments great emphasis is laid on travelling comfort, safety and aesthetics. Severe requirements were set out concerning noise level of vehicles, ventilation system providing draught-free air exchange and uniform lighting.

An up-to-date microprocessor-control system is used to control the various onboard systems.

This control system is in connection with a diagnostic system assisting the train driver or the depot to obtain, access and assess sorted group of information via man-machine interface.

Severe requirements are set out for used materials in respect of fire protection and vandalism-resistance, as well as recycling.