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A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával, a Kohéziós Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.


9 may 2013

As of Saturday 11 May 2013, bus traffic heading towards the city centre is changing in Baross tér, and the stops of the No. 7 group of buses are also being shifted. Road traffic from Kerepesi út towards the city centre is also changing.

As of Saturday 11 May 2013 up until early July, the section of the road on northern side of Baross tér is to be opened to traffic coming along Thököly út and heading towards Rákóczi út. The traffic order in the square is therefore changing: vehicles approaching the square on Kerepesi út will now go along in front of the Railway Station and reach the new section turning left.

Thököly út will continue to be closed to vehicle traffic except taxis, public transport and construction vehicles.

The order of traffic on Kerepesi út heading towards Hungária körút is not changing, but the lanes are, and so we request drivers to pay attention, not to drive out of habit.

From Kerepesi út, Fiumei út can be reached turning left into Lóvásár utca, right into Mosonyi utca, left into Festetics utca and then left on to Fiumei út.

Due to the changes in traffic order, the stops of the nos. 5, 7, 7E, 173, 178, 907, and 973 buses heading towards Blaha Lujza tér are to be shifted. The new stops will be in front of Arzenal Áruház (department store) in the section of Thököly út between Nefelejcs utca and Bethlen Gábor utca. A pedestrian crossing at the head of Bethlen Gábor utca will help the safe movement of pedestrians coming from Keleti Railway Station.

For further details concerning the surface reinstatement of Baross tér please visit:

We request those travelling in the area to watch out for road signs and not to move about out of habit!

Budapest Transport Centre (BKK)