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1 july 2013

As of Tuesday, fire simulations will take place at the Metro Line 4 station at Keleti Railway Station.

The completion of the interior fit-out of the M4 station at Keleti Railway Station has reached the level enabling the contractor to carry out the usual smoke tests required by the authority in charge as of Tuesday, 2 July 2013. The smoke test involves the emission of a large quantity, c. 20 cubic metres, of white, non-toxic gas, i.e. one non-detrimental to health, starting from platform level and reaching up to the surface.

Prescribed by the authorities, the tests lasting three days will be so-called cold-smoke tests, conducted by fit-out contractor Swietelsky Magyarország Kft. and involving the fire brigade as the competent authority between 2 and 4 July, i.e. on this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The simulation of a real fire is part, a condition, of the preparation for the handover of the station, and its aim is to test the heat and smoke deflector system and the operation of the main ventilation.

Apart from posters around Keleti Railway Station, we hereby wish to call the attention of those living or travelling in the area that the smoke to be seen should be of no concern, and need not be reported to the fire brigade, which is participating in the tests as the competent authority anyway.

Budapest Transport Centre (BKK)
BKV Zrt. DBR Metro Project Directorate